Friday, April 30, 2010

Bale Bakery's Fig and Walnut Bread - Review

Bale Bakery is a Hawaii based sandwich/bakery, and provides food to many of Honolulu's finest restaurants. I love their sandwiches (veggie), coconut tapioca, and rainbow jello, but I especially love their baked goods. Bale's products can be found at many of the farmer's markets such as KCC. Bale Bakery bakes a wide variety of goods, from cookies to sweet breads to danishes and lavosh. However, I love the taste of bread, especially breads with tons of yummy things in it like nuts or cranberries...just like Bale Bakery's Fig and Walnut bread!

It's really tasty, and has A LOT of fibers :) (tmi? but can't you just see all those fig pieces!!!) Bale's fig and walnut bread has a great texture, a very rustic feel to it, and wonderful as an afternoon snack or breakfast bread. There's so much figs and walnuts that there's no need for butter or jam! The figs are so sweet, and the walnuts perfectly balance their flavor.

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