Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brownies using a mix..but w/ no oil!

today i really wanted to eat a brownie, so when I finished my super boring geo hw, i decided to make brownies. Since i was short on time, i used a brownie mix :O. my favorite box brownie mix is the ghirardelli one! i've used the hershey's box mix, just to try it, and it wasn't as good. i just happened to be reading the oil nutrition facts before making the brownies, so i really really didn't want to be oil in the brownies. Can you believe how much calories can be packed in such a tiny amount of liquid! I substituted 2 of those snack size apples sauce cups in place of the oil, and they weren't dry at all! I used two packages, and divided the batter into two packages. One of them i took out 10 minutes before the cook time, and it was a lot moister than the pan i left for the full cook time. The "undercooked" one was a lot better than the "normal" cookie one. However, when they first came out of the oven, they were kinda crispy. I love crispy stuff, so i loved them when they come out. I left them for awhile just to see if they would soften up because my family likes soft stuff (chewy cookies...)The next day, they were quite soft and the ones that were undercooked were very moist.

Brownie Recipe
Ghirardelli brownie mix
Apple Sauce (snack size cups, the ones that go into lunches)
follow recipe on the box, but substitute 2 snack size cups of apple sauce and reduce bake time by 10 minutes.

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