Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Creme Brulee

Hehe, when I looked back at the other post, I realized I spelled "Creme Brulee" incorrectly. I'm not much of a speller anyways...but at least I can Make creme brulee. Hah! So anyways, remember when I told you guys about those eggs my parents bought?! I actually only eat egg whites (no, I'm not trying to be healthy, I just like the taste of the egg white part) so we often have several leftover egg yolks in the fridge. I've been trying to think of ways to get rid of them (do you guys have any ideas?!?!) and one of the first was creme brulee!

I used the recipe found in the Flour bakery cookbook, but probably used like double the egg yolks! Hehe, super rich and creamy. YUM :P. The container in the picture is looks super tiny (it is so I ate several of them at a time!), but I actually baked the majority in small ramekins. The creme brulee was rich and creamy, with a perfect crunchy topping!

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  1. Lol at eating several at a time. I'm with you! If its smaller, we can eat Way more ;)


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