Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(Hot + Bread) x (Hot + Running) = ???

Do you know what (Hot + Bread) x (Hot + Running) = ?

A.) Hot ^2 + Hot Running + Hot Bread + Bread Running

B.) Soggy Bread

C.) A sweaty girl running home from the grocery store with a loaf of hot bread

D.) All of the above

E.) What the heck is she talkin about?!?!

The correct answer is....

D.)! If you answered E.), what is the world are you talking about!

If you thought of hot, bread, and running in algebraic terms, well then you'd get the first answer (Sorry if I just reminded you of your 8th grade Algebra class). Since the bread was sealed in a plastic bag - the one they give you at the store- the heat didn't have anywhere to go and yup, I ended up with some soggy sourdough bread, but it still tasted pretty good! And, the answer could also be C.). Can you picture it? You're driving in your car and you see this sweaty looking girl running on the sidewalk with a plastic bag dangling from one hand and a yogurt cup in the other (the yogurt was for homemade yogurt, if you were wondering). Strange, but oh so true. I bet you're wondering what this has to do anything. But....I just made some bread that tastes pretty darn good!

A couple weeks ago I started a sourdough starter and I'm finally getting a darn good loaf. Actually, it didn't taste that sour. Well, it was a whole wheat rye bread, so maybe that's why.... I used KA's Whole Wheat Rye Bread for the recipe as well as their recipe for a sourdough starter.

Oh, and it tastes delicious with fig jam! yum :)

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