Monday, August 1, 2011


 I can't believe it's August already, gosh, summer flew by so fast! Is it still cherry season? Oh well, fruit seem to be in stores 24/7 now...Don't those cherries just look so plump and juicy? Anyways sorry for the randomness, but I'm going to tell you a super duper ultra short story...
 So there once was a little cherry. He lived happily among his other cherry brothers and sisters in their glass bowl home. One day, he wanted to stand out among his fellow cherry siblings. So he turned himself into a dessert. But not just any dessert, a cherry crumble!
 What do you think of my efforts at creating a story about a cherry? Lame? Well that may be so, but this cherry crumble was definitely not! The recipe came from Eating Well, so it must be healthy, right?
 And the story goes on...but ends once he's eaten! The End.

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