Sunday, June 26, 2011

What to do with yogurt cheese?

Remember that post about making your own yogurt? Well my dad likes to experiment with using different types of "starter" yogurts. So far, we've tried Stonyfield, Fage, and Brown Cow. Sometimes when the store doesn't carry the plain version, we have to buy the fruit one and only use the yogurt at the top. I think it may have been with the brown cow brand...anyways, we couldn't find the plain and used some sort of fruity yogurt. I think it was apricot. Usually the final yogurt does not take on the flavor, but for some strange reason this batch did. It was really weird. My favorite is still the stonyfield plain because it results in a tangy, slightly less thick yogurt. The brown cow yields a much more creamy yogurt that is slightly thicker than the stonyfield, but still not like the commercial yogurts (which I bet they strain). The Fage yogurt was my least favorite (sorry to all the greek yogurt lovers) because the yogurt was not only super watery, but also lacking that tangy flavor I love so much.  Rather than chucking the "bad" yogurt, I instead strained the batch and made...Yogurt Cheese!

Yogurt is a low fat alternative to cream cheese and sour cream. I used it to create this Coffee Cake.
Sorry for the bad pictures, I just couldn't wait to eat it!

Coffee Cake
Adapted from here
* I substituted yogurt cheese for the sour cream


  1. Mmm I love coffe cake! The souffle in your last post looks amazing;I've never had souffle but I love anything citrus.

  2. Oooh using yogurt cheese is a cool idea. Do you think the taste came out much different than using straight up yogurt when in a baked good?

  3. Thanks mellie!

    Hm, I think using straight yogurt might be a little too wet, but maybe it'll be more moist? Sorry, I'm not too sure. I've substituted normal straight yogurt for sour cream or cream cheese and it usually doesn't cook correctly. Hope that helps!


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