Sunday, May 16, 2010

BLT Steakhouse Review

The other day was my brother's birthday, and since he LOVES steak, we went to a steakhouse. His favorite steak place is Hy's, and closely following is Ruth's Chris. But since we have already gone there quite a few times, he wanted to go to a different steak place, so BLT Steakhouse it was (also cause it's new on Oahu). They said the filet mignon was really weird, 'cause it had a TON of grisel! I don't really eat meat, but I totally thought filet mignon wasn't supposed to have grisel. They said the onion rings were huge and actually really really tasty! But they said the best thing was the popovers! They had cheese in it, and were super puffy and delish! They rated the restaurant as an okay steak place cause of the grisel on the filet mignon, but the delicious popovers and onion rings...

Caesar salad

yummy cheesy POPOVERS!

some pate dish thing


so this is one of the meat things, im not sure which one..

umm..some sort of meat thing, either the filet or some other type..

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