Tuesday, August 24, 2010

North Shore Swim, Cholo's Mexican Restaurant, and Shave Ice from Matsumotos!

  Ack! I forgot to write a post about this swim I did. So it actually hasn't happened recently. I know, I know, bad me. And I'm sorry about that.
 So back to the swim. It was one of the North Shore Series Swims. Yes, if you actually look them up, there are 4 of them. No, I didn't do all 4 races. I only did one. The 1 mile one. It was rough. Very rough. At times I wasn't moving! Can you believe that?! But I finished, with a time of ____:____. Sorry, it's a secret...actually it's just way too slow to share! My friend did the swim with me (she's on the right) we swam the entire race together, but at the end I got caught in some of the waves...

So moving on to other things. How about after? Well, after we went to Cholo's. You know, the Mexican Restaurant? What were you thinkin of?

 We ordered many different things. Lots of tacos, burritos, tamales, and other mexican-y food. Oh, and guess what?! We ate shave ice! yum! Cold and refreshing after a race that feels uber duper long! But first the restaurant, it was pretty good. I think actually anything would've tasted pretty good after the race (I was that hungry!). Okay, wait maybe not everything. And my mouth tasted like salt, so I wasn't really tasting the food.

some kind of fried taco..i forgot the name...
shrimp taco with rice and beans?
 Shave ice was actually something I could taste. It was sweet, so I guess it over came the salt? Hm...a question to ponder... There are actually two really famous shave ice places at North Shore, and like many competing places, they are right next to each other. I actually don't really care for either (I'd rather go to waiolas), so we just go in whichever line is shorter. This time, Matsumoto's line was shorter.
 I thought the ice was a little too chunky. It wasn't as fine as I like it. Plus, the flavors I got didn't taste...good. Oh, and they also have these shave ice cone holding things so that when your shave ice melts it doesn't go on to your hands and feet!
the white stuff is condensed milk! yum...


  1. You are such an inspiration to my daughter!! She is 4 years younger than you, but I showed her what you have done with your blog and we both love it!

    On top of that, she is dying for some of that ice!!! Great pictures!

  2. You guys are too flattering! :) Please tell your daughter thank you so much, and I hope she liked what she saw! I'm glad you guys like my blog, and the pictures!

    Yum, your blog has some really yummy recipes! (strawberry ice cream..! :) ) Oh, and wow, your daughter looks like a really good dancer!!


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