Saturday, July 17, 2010

NY: Dylan's Candy Bar (by my brother-steve)

Hi everyone, this is lynn, but today's post is by my brother, Steve. This was one of the only stores he wanted to visit, and so I told him he could write a blurby about it! So a little about my brother first. He's 13, uh, he's super super tall! (like 5 foot 10!!) Or at least I think he's tall...what else? Um..he likes to watch t.v., he loves steak, um...oh and he plays volleyball! Okay, well enjoy his blurby about Dylan's!

Dylan's Candy Bar, the cream of the crop of the candy bar world. With its new line of "IT" Bars and their decadent cafe products, the Dylan's Candy Bar takes up about 15,000 square feet, or 3 floors of space. Throughout the whole store, the theme is candy. Candy in the ground, candy as artwork, and candy colors all around. The Cafe on the third floor had an exquisite array of sundaes to cupcakes. The Mint-tastic sundae that I ordered was huge. The flavors melded together and the chocolate was especially good. The middle floor had just candy. All kinds of candies ranging from malt balls to gummies. The bottom floor had Dylan's clothes and even more candy. Although I never tried the IT bar, the flavors were very radical like Milk Chocolate with Jalapenos! You can even get personalized jars for candy!

The "it" bar
Inside the store...lots of candy!
A giant plastic chocolate bunny.

The cafe seating area
Mintastic Sundae. It was huge.
A lady made out of jelly beans

Some of the candy we bought


  1. Hello! Haha I'm currently staying in NYC too. I was as amazed as you were when I first stepped in Dylan's Candy Bar!! Love your blog and your creativity towards baking!! All the best :) Happy blogging.

  2. Ooohh I love NYC! It has A TON of yummy restaurants!!!! Thanks for the compliments!!! :)


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