Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ny: Katz Delicatessen

Today we went to Katz for breakfast. It was uhh, well it wasn't very good. Or at least that's what my family thought. My brother got french toast (yea, don't ask me why he got bread at a deli), I got matzo ball soup, and my parents split a corned beef sandwich and a pastrami sandwich. My mom says the other deli is better, uh carnegie deli or something.

The french toast wasn't very good. My brother said my dad makes better french toast. (but then again my dad makes really good french toast- he uses sweet bread!) The sausages were pretty good, not great, but still pretty good. My matzo ball soup was interesting....I've never had it before, and I tried it, but I have to say it wasn't my favorite, at all. My mom has eaten tons and tons of matzo ball soups before and she was like, "eh, it's okay". The sandwiches were HUGE! It was like a 4 or 5 inches tall, and there was just sooo much meat. They said the pastrami sandwich was the moist one, and the corned beef one was sorta dry. Or was it the way around. Hm. No, I'm pretty sure I got it right.

cafeteria style interior
matzo ball soup
pastrami and corned beef sandwich (i mixed up which is which, my bad)
french toast

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