Friday, May 7, 2010

Vosges Chocolate Review

I recently acquired a 16 piece vosges truffle set. they are so decadent, its amazing. I used to think godiva was pretty good, but now, godiva is like whitmans, and this chocolate takes its place. its superb. :) my favorite was the crunchy hazelnut praline and milk chocolate and praline bits. I could taste the pralineyness (<--thats not a word i guess..but thats okay) and the milky chocolatyness at the same time without overpowering each other. All the flavors were perfectly balanced, and although the truffles are extremely rich, they were not too overpowering. I'd usually rather eat a cookie instead of a piece of chocolate, but these are soo good. I heard there's a bar form of the turffles, and since I didn't care for the other truffles, i think i should just buy the bar...some of the other flavors are very exotic and interesting. there's wasabi, curry, paprika, chiles, and other out there flavors. For 16 truffles, it's about 40 dollars. Although it sounds a little pricy, that's actually about 2.50 a truffle. That seems about right, and anyways, since godiva is about the same I would rather buy vosges chocolate rather than godiva.

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  1. I haven't tried Vosges before (I'm from Illinois) but more than Godiva, I like See's Candies. One of my Cali friends sent it as a gift and arghhh so good xD

    Love the blog and I came across it while browsing^^


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