Saturday, May 1, 2010

umm...deep fried frog legs anyone?

these here,
are frogs legs, that have been wonderfully cooked in a deep fryer, and are now crisp and chewy, tough, and guess what, it tastes like chicken. Can you believe that? I actually wouldn't eat it (um? stomachache wouldn't be good on a 5 hr drive back to the hotel..) but everyone else ate it (meaning the rest of my fam) and they gave me their opinion. oh, and btw im not actually in Hawaii when we ordered this. I was actually in Thailand. But deep fried frog legs was the house specialty at the restaurant we ate at, so i guess our guide ordered us some. But after trying the first leg, we asked our guide and driver if they liked frogs legs. oops i guess no one in my family likes deep fried frog legs....

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