Thursday, May 27, 2010

Godiva's Best Truffle!

godiva...yum, just the name reminds of all the different, rich, and delicious chocolates they sell. plus, they also have this deal where if you sign up for a membership, you recieve a free piece of chocolate every month! and, when you buy something for 10$ or more, the next month you'll receive a free 2-piece chocolate box. (but it's the same every single time, and so it gets kinda boring after gettin like 10 of those boxes..)

well onto my favorite truffle. So after trying like pretty much all of them, i have to say my favorite is the dark chocolate truffle. the praline truffle is a close second. the dark chocolate truffle is a rich and dense, dark chocolate filled chocolate shell. the chocolate isn't too dark, that it tastes bitter, but enough that it isn't too milky and creamy. plus, all those scientific people say dark chocolate is good for your heart! just another added benefit, and one that tastes good too!

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