Sunday, April 4, 2010

Red Mango -Frozen Yogurt

What: The best chain yogurt store!!! called red mango!

Where: there are two in hawaii, one @ kahala mall, the other in waikiki, and there are tons around the country, and even in other parts of the world...indonesia cough cough...

Why (pos): their original yogurt is AMAZING. its sooo tasty. the others are also super good! the yogurt isn't ice cream-like like other yogurts, its tart but sweet, and very very refreshing.

Why not (neg): there are only a few flavors (pom, original, tangomoniom, green tea, cocoa) and limited number of toppings. (but super tasty yogurt!)

Price: about 2.50 for a small and im pretty sure it increases a dollar a size. 50 cents for every topping. 5 something for a parfeit.

Parking: the one in waikiki doesn't really have a parking lot, there are however, parking lots in the hotels, and if you stay in the hotel, it doesn't really matter. (lol) the red mango at kahala mall does however have a parking lot. (duh, its a mall)

Notes: the red mango stores in hawaii don't have the cocoa flavor. Im pretty sure there are 3 sizes for the yogurt, parfaits, blenders, and smoothie.

Red Mango @ kahala mall

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