Monday, April 5, 2010

Imanas Tei - A japanese izakaya

What: A popular japanese izakaya called imanas tei.

Where: Also on King st, but closer to the diamon head side.

Why (Pos.): This place is unbelievably cheap! 6 people who ordered a substaintial about of food only cost about 140 bucks (grat. not included)!

Why Not (Neg.): I've been to this restaurant many times, and for some reason this past time I went the service was horrible slow. Not only were they slow, but there were six people eating and four people had finished their meals way before the other two were even served their food, and all they ordered was a roll! They also didn't bring us water, and everyone was dying of thirst!!

Note: The ikura here isn't as good as other places (Gaku!). It's very casual, and I suggest the nabe because that's what everyone else seems to get, however, I like sushi, and so have never tried it.

Price: Pretty darn cheap!

Parking: Yea, but it's kinda packed cuz the lot is super tiny, only about 10 cars fit. There is a parking lot for other shops near the restaurant, but this parking isn't free.

Imanas Tei
2626 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96826-3248
(808) 941-2626

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