Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jimbo - Japanese Noodle Place

What: Jimbo, a japanese restaurant that makes their own udon noodles daily.

Where: located on the many restaurant filled street of King st.

Why: They make their own noodles, duh. It's also my fav place since i was like 5. They currently have lunch specials, and one of my favorite sets of the specials is a bowl of udon, and two musubis filled with kombu, salmon, and ume. My favorite set is the shrimp tendon combo and hot udon with nothing in it. (Rice w/ a special sauce, tempura, and cold/hot udon).

Price: about 10-15 for one set

Notes: Casual dining. Open for lunch and dinner. They have lunch specials, and usually during lunch they fill up quickly.

Parking: uh huh, in the front and the back. The parking in the back is only accessible from the street behind the restaurant, so its probably easier to go to the parking lot in the front.

1936 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96826-2153
(808) 947-2211

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