Friday, April 9, 2010

Great Harvest Bread Co.

What: A great bread company that is originally from Montana.

Where: They have several locations on Hawaii, and many others across the nation.

Why: They have awesome bread combinations, and super tasty bakery goods. Some of their best breads are cinnamon chip, 3 cheese garlic, and any white choc. breads. Their cookies are the size of my head, and i'm pretty sure they still do this program where kids color a picture of the month to receive a free cookie. They also have bars, such as lemon bars, turtle bars, and mango bars. All of the bakeries make different breads and baked goods, so depending on the location, the products will vary.

Price: bread 6-9, bakery items 2-5

Note: Like the cupcake place, they rotate their bread combinations and bakery items daily, so check the nearest great harvest's menu.

Parking: Yup

Great Harvest Bread Co.
Hawaii Great Harvest Bread Co.

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