Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mana Bu's

What: a super cute japanese musubi store called mana bu's this store also has little japanese treats like strawberry mochi, egg cakes, sweet potato salad, and other japanese dishes.

Where: Also on king street. Right next to the baskin robins.

Why: These musubis are super super cute and they're made daily. they have a variety of musubis. (salmon, unagi, ume, kombu, shiso and wakame, teri spam, and a ton of other combinations.) they make their musubis with either 10 grain rice, white rice, or brown rice. along with the yummy musubis they have dessert and other japanese dishes. they have custard, super good coffee gelatin, and azuki strawberry mochi. the egg cake is super super yummy. its perfectly seasoned, not too sweet, and not too salty. yum.

Recommend: I think their best musubi is the salmon, ume, and kombu. The strawberry mochi is also one of the best ive ever had. each ingredient is made fresh, and its super amazingly delicious!

Price: about 1.65 for one musubi, about 2.35 for a pudding/custard/mochi, 2-3 dollars for the japanese dishes

Parking: yea, but the parking lot is very cramped. the lot is the same one as the baskin robins, and other restaurants in that area.

Notes: the musubis and desserts sell out very quickly, so if you want a bigger selection I would advise going when earlier than later. On weekdays, they open at 730, but there is a limited selection at 830 and 930 they bring out a more variety. you can also pre-order a selection of musubis. the form is on their site and can be faxed in. they said you can even reserve just one!

The owners of the shop are a japanese couple, and they are very dedicated to their work. Before they hired help, they would wake at 3 in the morning to hand make each musubi. they would also close early at 1, and would wake again to make musubis. they now have hired help, and are open for more than four hours!

Mana Bu's
1618 S.King St.
Honolulu, HI 96826
ph: (808) 358-0287
fax: (808) 945-2323

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