Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bread and Kaki no tane! ^ ^

Woah! :D  Isn't this bread so cool? It's one of the sweet breads from Bakery Manoa. The first time we came we tried the English bread (sorry, no picture). It was pretty good, but this bread was waayyy better. Plus, who doesn't love eating round bread? It reminds me of smuckers sandwiches. But, it so does not taste like their bread, at all (which is good!).
The bread was slightly sweet and super fluffy and soft. I loved eating it plain or with a little lilikoi jam, or both. Oh, and the ridges make the perfect guidelines for slicing. Hehe, since I'm pretty bad at cutting bread ...
Oh, and I forgot to show you guys these cute little boxes. Inside is Kaki no tane (Japanese rice snack that's similar to osenbei). Typically kaki no tane is just spicy/shoyu flavored, but these ones are all different (and very strange) flavors. Cheese or curry flavor, anyone? Haha! Some were surprisingly good (wasabi, maple sugar) other were, well uh, interesting (cheese....).

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