Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simple One Bowl Chocolate Cake with Pearl Sugar and Dark Chocolate Ganache

Whew, was that a long title or what? The title may be long, the cake and toppings are actually pretty simple (and delish!). I used a one bowl chocolate cake recipe from here. 1/4 the recipe and used a 6 inch cake pan. After the cake finished baking, I made a simple syrup (I just use equal parts of sugar and water) and brushed/soaked! the cake. It made it sooooo moist!!! After, a made a super rich, super decadent ganache (equal parts bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream) and then smothered the cake in this amazing concoction (but not before I had some, of course!). And, for the finishing touch, a huge sprinkle of pearl sugar! Btw, does anybody have a good recipe for pearl sugar? I'm horrible at making waffles.....


  1. Ugh! Looking at this at 3:15 is not good. Now all I want is chocolate cake haha!

  2. MMM, ganache is the best! And pearl sugar is such a simple but pretty topping!


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