Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black and White Cookies and Lemon Chewies from The Cookiepedia

Remember this post about The Cookiepedia? Well, I just realized I never posted any pictures?! I made black and white cookies and lemon chewies. Yum! They were both fantastic! It was my first time making black and white cookies, but the directions and ingredients were actually fairly simple (still looking for the oven temp, though!). I brought them to an XC meet (I'm off crutches! Woo hoo!) and everyone loved them :)

The lemon chewies were lemony, but still sweet enough without being overpowering. They were a little dry, but that might have been because of the cooking time....oops!

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  1. Love the Black and White Cookie. "Look to the cookie Elaine. Look to the cookie" lol


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