Sunday, July 10, 2011

5 Days of Grains: Day 5!

At first I didn't know what salad to post. Should it be simple with only a few ingredients or complex with a myriad of veggies and grains. In the end, it came down to the time I had to make lunch the other day. The night before I made some barley. Actually, it was more like I just boiled some water with the barley, covered the pot, and left it overnight. When it came to lunch time, I just threw some chopped carrots, shelled edamame, spinach, squirt of olive oil, and a dash of salt. It took almost no time to make, and in a matter of minutes I was sitting down chowing down on grain salad. Maybe this wasn't the most complex salad, but it did use a new grain, barley!


  1. Looks so simple and healthy! I love edamame


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