Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 Days of Grain Salads: Day 4

Are you guys tired of these grain salads? Don't worry, maybe I'll do a five days of cakes one of these days. Anyways, today's salad incorporates some of my mom's homegrown veggies. Actually, it only uses her spinach, but it counts, right? It's great having a spinach plant in my front yard because whenever I want to add a little green to my meal I can just pop outside, pick a couple of leaves, add it to my meal, and ta dah a delish meal with a little green.

The grain is this salad is Israeli couscous. I wonder why they call it that? Anyways, the individuals round spheres aren't like their non-Israeli couscous friends. Israeli couscous is larger, lighter in color (or is it just me?), and perfect spheres. Oh, and I added a little quinoa for that added effect!


  1. yum! I'm loving the 5 days of grain salads! But 5 days of cakes would be OK too. :)

  2. Im currently in love with Israelli couscous. Love the addition of edamame in here too. I need to start eating dinners like these now that its summer.


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