Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Apple :]

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. There were just so many exams to study for... :(

Did you miss me? I sure missed you guys! Once school ended my mom and I went on a little trip to the east coast.We mainly visited family, but we did go on a little side trip to .... the Big Apple. My second favorite foodie destination after Japan.

In two days, er actually it was more like one full day and two half days which pretty much equal two days, my mom and I visited about twenty different foodie places. I felt like I was going to burst! :0

Our first stop was Chelsea Market, home to Amy's Bread, Sarabeth's Bakery, and Fat Witch Brownie! Sadly, I was not able to try the Fat Witch Brownie because they were closed, but I did stop in at Eleni's, Amy's Bread, and Sarabeth's Bakery. First up, Amy's Bread. Because it was just my mom and I, we decided to go with their twists, which are smaller breads in a stick-like form, rather than a large loaf of bread so that we could sample several different ones without carrying around a huge hunk of bread afterwards (because we don't want to over eat at the very first place!). We split a black pepper prosciutto twist, a country sourdough twist, and a mini whole wheat baguette. The black pepper twist was slightly too salty, probably due to the prosciutto, and the mini whole wheat baguette was exceedingly dry and hard. At first this place was looking like a bummer, but once I bit into the sourdough twist everything changed. The twist was slightly sour, but also slightly nutty from the various seeds and nuts. If I were to order again (I probably would have, had I not been so full already) I would try their normal loaf and maybe find a good soup place. Yep, that's definitely what I will try. A hearty loaf of bread and soup, yum.
Woah! Look at Amy's Bread's Kitchen

Prosciutto Twist
Sarahbeth's Bakery Jam
Next up was Sarabeth's Bakery. I borrowed her cookbook from the library and was looking forward to trying her pastries. Her recipe for peach crumble pie caught my eye, and without hesitating ordered this when I realized it was there. I was slightly disappointed because the crust was thick and gummy, and totally not what I was expecting. I enjoyed the filling and crumble on top, but what is a pie with a gummy and thick crust?!  I know I probably should've given the bakery another chance, but I was just too disappointed. I really wanted to try their famous preserves, but I was already carry a ten pound backpack full of clothes and I definitely didn't want to add an extra pound just for jam!

Darn, I wish I had tried some other items

Peach Crumble Pie

Look at all the jams!

Since Fat Witch was closed at the time, I tried Eleni's, which is right next door. They carry beautiful, hand decorated cookies and cupcakes. My mom ordered their Chocolate Neat cookie, which is chocolate cookie with white chocolate chunks. The cookie has a subtle chocolate flavor and large chunks of chocolate. At the time it was a little too sweet, but when we ate it for a snack in our hotel room it actually tested even better.

In center chocolate neat cookie

Father's Day is coming up!

Coming up..... Sushi Yasuda


  1. Yum! I so want to go to NYC. You are very blessed!

  2. OMG we are East Coast Trip twins! LOL. Both from Hawaii, both went with our moms to NYC and both took pictures at Elenis! Too funny. Did you check out Filling Station? That stuff was amazing!

  3. Mellie: Thanks! You really should go, it was a lot of fun!

    Lindselicious: OMG we were!! The filling I don't think I did, but I definitely want to visit it next time I go!

  4. I want to go to NYC now..nice post Lynne !!


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