Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kinako Ice Cream Balls for Boy's Day...Er, Children's Day?

Happy boy's day everyone! Er, or should I say children's day? I'm not sure what to call today anymore. I feel like since girls have they own day (March 3rd), guys should too. When it was boy's day, do you remember doing something nice for the guys? Or if you're a guy do you remember the girls doing something nice for you? Throughout grade school, every Boy's day the girls put up all of the boy's chair on their desk at the end of the day, and on Girl's day, the guys put up our chairs.  Do you celebrate Boy's Day?

No? Yes? Well anyways, how about some kinako powder covered ice cream balls? Yes, it's exactly what the name says it is. A small scoop of vanilla ice cream rolled in kinako powder (aka soybean flour or the-best-powder-in-the-world-that-taste-like-peanut-butter!). I don't often work with ice cream (photographing, I mean. Definitely not eating...) because it melts so quickly. While I was making these balls, for example, after the first few I was having trouble scooping the ice cream in to round balls. It just began to melt! I think I should have frozen a long slab of ice cream, cut it in to cubes, and then rolled them in kinako. They could've been the ice cream version of melty blends(ganache-like-chocolate in cube form rolled in cocoa powder)! Once I scooped them in to small balls, I rolled them in kinako powder, and refroze them in mini muffin tin cups!

These could be for Boy's day, right? They have kinako powder! And kinako powder is Japanese.... Plus, it tastes oishii (yummy)!^_^!

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