Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cheerio Cookie

I was looking at cookie madness, and there was this post about her favorite cookies involving cereal. I absolutely love cereal. I mean like I could eat it for every single meal. So what better idea to put one of my favorite cereals into a cookie?! There already was a recipe for cheerio cookies (my fav cereal), but there’s nothing wrong with a little experimenting. And these actually turned out pretty well. My mom said the cheerios look a little strange, and I would have to agree with that. Especially if you roll the cookies in the cereal before baking it (w.o crushing any of the cereal) My dad actually liked these cookies. They couldn’t figure out the little round things were cheerios, but they liked it anyways!

sorry they look a little pale, I baked them a little longer after, but forgot to take a picture...oops
I uh...accidentally deleted/lost the recipe, so umm..sorry 'bout that. But if you really wanna make them, you should check out cookie madness for a really yummy cheerio cookie recipe! Anna's cookies are always so delicious!

P.S. Please don't forget to vote! (And maybe for a chicken stir fry by a girl named lynne....!?) It would be awesome if I was able to win! And I'll even make something special! :)


  1. They do look a little bit different, don't they? I wonder why yours are so different than mine. Did you happen to use bleached flour? Sometimes when I used bleached flour (as opposed to unbleached), my cookies come out whiter and puffier.

  2. Hmm....that might be it. We accidentally bought a bag of bleached instead of unbleached, I may have used that...oops, but they still were tasty! :)


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