Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pennsylvania: AIO (by my brother-steve!)

Hi everyone, this is lynne. Today my brother, steve, is gonna write a post about AIO. (Don't worry he will explain what that is) so yea, enjoy!

AIO, or Art In the Open, located in Pennsylvania have many paintings, sculptures, and other arts in many different kinds of media. Although we visited this program kind of early so we didn't get to see all of the art, the ones that we did get see were very intricate. The first piece of art was made out of colored sand that was poured all over the concrete. The design seemed to be a variegated abstract design. The "exhibit" that seemed the most interesting was this quilt lady. The lady created a quilt with pockets that you could write a message on rice paper to put inside the pocket. She then sowed the pocket shut so that nobody can see your message. You could write prayers, your name, anything you want to write! The outdoor exhibit had exquisite art but the artworks are fairly spaced out throughout the park.

 Painting made out of sand on the ground

 Quilt Lady talking to visitors

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