Monday, June 7, 2010


Anyone ever heard of black noodles? Well I guess my mom had because that's what we ate for lunch. As you can tell from the title of the post, Yuchun is the name of the Korean restaurant that serves this strange dish. The noodles aren't colored with squid ink, instead I think they are made out of arrow root. We ordered the cold black noodles, bulgogi (meat), and rice cake mandoo soup. I have to say that the black noodles were not my favorite....and when they mean cold, they mean cold. The broth had actual ice in it!! (and im not talking about cubes, I mean like icy slushy broth) The noodles actually weren't that bad. I mean compared to what I thought they were gonna taste like. They tasted similar to ittokonyaku, except thinner, black, and really cold. The bulgogi was perfectly seasoned, and was scarfed down in a matter of minutes by my brother. I thought the mandoo rice cake soup was actually pretty good. I especially like the mandoo. I even ordered some of them steamed...except they never came. :( I guess i learned to not tell the bus boy...So overall the meal was okay...wasn't bad but wasn't great either. Oh and btw finding parking becomes pretty hard during rush hour.

kim chee

mochi rice cake


black noodles in icy cold broth

another picture of black noodles

Clockwise from top: Pickled something or other, normal kim chee, and then white kim chee


  1. The cold noodles are neng myun, and there are different types of it. They're not always made with that type of noodle, hope you try it again!

  2. Oh cool I didn't know that there are black noodles!I only tried the regular hot white noodles.

  3. Stella: Oh, I didn't know there are different types. Huh, I guess I still do have more to try!

    Anonymous: I thought so too! But it was a good experience!


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