Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ten Food Contests That Should Exist

You know how there are so many different food contests? I mean they have like sooo many; from oyster shucking to hot dog eating! I thought of some I think would be pretty cool. Can you think of any contests that should exist?

here's my list :) (they're not in any specific order btw)

1. Watermelon Smashing
Smashing watermelons. So cool. Need I say more?

2. Fastest Raspberry Picking
Raspberries are so delicious, but I mean like really, they take sooo long to pick.

3. Tofu Carving
Wouldn’t that be so weird? It’s almost like ice sculpting, but with big blobs of soy.

4. Cake Stacking
How high can you go? Sounds delicious too, but I wouldn’t want to be the clean up crew.

5. Kashi Original Cereal Eating Contest
Have you ever tried eating a bowl of it without gagging? Fiber twigs, really?

6. Durian Eating Contest
Ugh, just thinking of that stuff makes my stomach churn. And the smell! Yuck.

7. Fastest peeling skin off grapes
I’d volunteer to eat the skinless grapes!

8. Fastest dinner
By dinner, I mean an edible tasty meal.

9. Biggest gingerbread house
Wouldn’t that be so cool if you could live in a house with cookie walls?!?

10. Taste testing different brands of water
Everyone thinks I’m weird, but can’t you just taste the difference between brands of water? It’s totally obvious!!

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