Thursday, June 17, 2010


OMG I'm one of the finalist for the Fischer and Wieser Summer Grilling Recipe Contest! I can't believe it. This is so cool! I've never been a finalist for anything! Right now is the voting period so make sure to VOTE!!! All the recipes sound super yummy so choose carefully! (hint hint: I made the Sweet and Spicy Chicken. Just saying. But don't let me sway your decision!! Everything sounds so good!!!)

Oh, I was so excited I forgot to talk about the company. My bad... So Fischer and Wieser is a company that makes delicious jellies, sauces, and much much more! Their sauces are great marinaders (uhh is that a word?) and perfect for a backyard BBQ. They have a wide selection of products; from pasta sauces to pie fillings!! I didn't even know there was such a thing as pie filling! man, am I out of it!

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