Friday, June 4, 2010

Ikura Edamame Somen

Ikura. Yes. Ikura. My favorite food in the world. Delicious mouthwatering salmon eggs. So good, so salty, so wonderfully amazing. Anything goes great with ikura, especially edamame…and somen. So yummy. It’s also what I made for my dinner the other night. :)

Ikura Edamame Somen

1 bunch of somen noodle
2 tablespoons edamame
1 tablespoon ikura
1 tablespoon somen sauce

1. Make noodles as directed
2. Rinse, and put in a bowl.
3. Top with edamame and ikura.
4. Pour sauce over, and enjoy!


  1. haha "real food" that's what my friends call my savoury food cos i bake too much sweets :P

    :O i LOVE ikura and edamame, but can only get the frozen stuff where i live! i must try this soon!

  2. hahaha! I know! isn't ikura amazing!!!Thanks!

  3. it looks perfect! It's everything I like, I will do it soon.
    But what is in somen sauce exactly?


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