Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Harvest Bread Co. ...again...

after school i was craving HUGE FREE slices of bread. and so guess what i did? i went to great harvest bread co!!! wooohooo. the sample slices are so huge and it's amazing how delicious the breads are. they now have mini dinner roll sized versions, and so for dinner we bought the pop-eye bread. It had like spinach, cheese, bell peppers, you know those healthy things...

it wasn't my favorite bread cause I thought it tasted a little spicy and i totally had better breads from there. we actually didn't even finish the bread, and it only had 6 dinner roll sized round pieces of bread!

Along with the bread they also have super tasty baked goods, last time I came here I wrote a review on the lemon bar and some of the other stuff. This time I got a mud bar and a cranberry oatmeal cookie. The mud bar was pretty interesting for me cause i've never seen one of those. It was a bar with a brownie base with a chocolate chip cookie top. I thought the chocolate base was a little dry and the top didn't really seem to blend well with the bottom. However, it was quickly snatched up by my brother who wolfed it down in a matter of seconds! he thought it was delcious!!

The cranberry cookie I had was a little too soft for my liking, but I quickly consumed it with a nice tall glass of milk! :) The cookies are quite large, (almost the size of my head) but I ate the entire thing in one sitting!!!! uh's gonna leave its mark.. dun dun dunnnnn. I haven't baked or eaten cranberries in a while now, so i was totally inspired by those cranberries to buy some. I'll probably be making a couple different types of things with dried cranberries. yum.

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