Friday, May 14, 2010

Diamond Head State Monument

Diamond Head State Monument

Because my cousin was in town, we took her to many of Oahu’s main attractions, such as Diamond Head. There is a short hike leading to the top of Diamond Head, where tourist can look out and see Waikiki, mountains, ocean…that stuff. The hike isn’t very long, it only took my family 45 minutes, but then again, we were half running half fast walking to the top. The area at the top isn't very large, and there is a single file line winding around the almost top of the mt to the platform at the top. It was very crowded, and there isn’t a bathroom at the top, so make sure to go at the bottom. The trail is very narrow in some places, and I counted about 250 steps total. Kids and old people would both be able to complete this trail no problem, however, if someone is very large, they may not be able to fit through the small entrance needed to exit from the stair area to outside. I guess the view is pretty, and the hike was sorta fun. It was really annoying when people were going really really slow, and they wouldn’t allow you to pass. ugh. So annoying. But anyways, it was a pretty fun hike, and if your really cheap you can park outside the crater so you don’t have to pay the parking fee.

The crevice is actually bigger than it looks. I didn't really get a good shot of the actual entrance to the outside. This is just a side view, and looks much narrower. People don't have to slide under, there is a short set of stairs that aren't shown..but they are still narrow!

Pretty view of the ocean and lighthouse.

The buildings the hand is pointing to isn't waikiki. It's actually the huge mass of buildings above the hand is waikiki.

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