Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4th Annual East Honolulu Food Festival

I recently attended a food festival, called the East Honolulu Food festival. The proceeds go to fund the school and church, the event took place at. There were many restaurants from around the island. Some were Ruth’s Chris, JJ’s Bistro, Maile’s, and much much more. Each booth served something different. Some served desserts, other served main meal stuffs, and others served just drinks. There was also wine and stuffs, but since I am underage…well uh I didn’t get any of that. There was also a silent auction, and kiddie rides, such as rock climbing. My friend and I wanted to ride one of the kiddie rides, so to make it not seem weird, we took her little 2 year old brother along with us. It was hilarious!! It was one of those helicopter rides that just spins in a circle.

this is a steak salad, and uhhh i cant remember where its from...hmmm..

this is a shrimp rice/pasta dish, and it was actually very good. the shrimp was tender and very flavorful

this is a spicy dynamite chicken that super super super spicy!!! we ran to the drink booth after trying this!!!

It looks gross, but it's actually really good. It's a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, a sprinkle of what tasted like Nestle crunch, and this sweet, but not too sweet honey/maple/im not sure syrup. Oh, and it's by JJ's Bistro

a picture of the grounds area, there seemed to be about 30 different tents...and a huge field in the middle for people to sit and talk. oh and there was also entertainment...

there were a ton of noodle dishes, and i can't recall where this is from....hmm..

Maile's Thai Bistro's peanut noodles and stir fry veggies

this is ube ice cream. it looks blue, but it's actually purple with sprinkles. my spoons covering them, but i also had marshmallows

Wedding Cafe's Pumpkin Crunch (like a pumpkin pie, but in a bar form and with a crunchy crust). This was really good, and im thinkin of trying to replicate their recipe

i took these while we were in the ride. it was night, so the lights looked pretty cool

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