Friday, April 23, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cake - in Japanese im a teenager, and still go to school so this is one of my projects for japanese class. Since I'm still learning japanese, my vocabulary is pretty basic, and since we had to create a video of us making the thing and saying directions in japanese, we chose to use a box cake mix, and make it our own by throwing in chocolate chips :) (i noticed i use a lot of smiley that weird..?) okay, so it turned out...well normal. the normal cake from a yellow cake mix box...not delicious at all..but none the less, really easy, and I got an A for the project. woohoo! so i learned that chocolate chips sink to the bottom of the cake..i wonder how to make the chips suspended in the cake...hmm..i thought for those snowy days...well since it never snows in Hawaii, I mean rainy days...


ケーキのミックス 一はこ



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