Wednesday, April 21, 2010

best radio

so i forgot my itouch and i wanted to listen to music, but i only had my laptop. so i was just doin my homework in silence, until i was like duh, just look up music on google. so like after i looked it up and all that stuffs, i found this super cool site called grooveshark. its an FREE online radio that has like all the best songs! Like right now im listening to use somebody by kings of leon, its great! the site is free, and i dont even have to buy the songs. when i first clicked on the link i was a little hesitant cause it took a super long time to load and i wasn't sure if it was gonna do something weird...u neva no...but since i didn't like the other sites, i clicked on it again and let it load. so wait for it to load cuz its totally worth it. I didn't know this, but i guess it saves ur playlist or something cuz today i looked it up again and it asked if i wanted to reload my old playlist...pretty cool huh

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