Sunday, August 14, 2011

London and Paris Part 1

Gosh, it's been quite some time since my last post, especially a recipe post. This post doesn't include a recipe, but it does include tons of pictures...or London and Paris! Not much writing, but lots of pictures!
Not sure what plant, but it looked so cool!

So I tried to go running, I really did! But there was so much to see and eat!

Regents Park


beefeater at the tower of london

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Horses going to the changing of the guard

In front of westminster abbey

Big ben!

Traditional English food? Yorkshire pudding, meat, potatoes..

Best veggie burger!

Yea, it looks gross, but my brother said it was soooo good!

Yes, that sign is correct. Ice cream made with nitrogen. Amazing!

Chin Chin Labs menu

It's different than what's on their website!!! Agh, we came on the one closed day at first!

Darn, I should've taken a video of how they made the ice cream. They make it right in front of you (it's made to order!) and he explains the whole process. First, he pours a liquid mixture in to a normal kitchen aid mixer. Next, he turns on the mixer and adds liquid nitrogen, increases the speed...and voila deliciously smooth ice cream!

Sauces at Chin Chin labs....Salted Caramel anyone?

Chin Chin Labs toppings

Vanilla with salted caramel and caramelized pretzels...don't forget it's made with liquid nitrogen!!!

Chin Chin Labs was probably my favorite place in London and definitely my favorite ice cream. The ice cream is smooth and rich. Unlike some ice creams that have slivers of ice or a grainy texture, Chin Chin's ice cream tastes almost velvety and sooo creamy! Plus, who doesn't love toppings like hazelnut crunch or popping candy?

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  1. I am SOOOO jealous!! The nitrogen ice cream is too cool!


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