Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Nut butter that is! This stuff is amazing and addictive. I just can't stop sticking my spoon in the container. Sweet, nutty, creamy, maple-y, all in one single bite. Hm, I wonder how it'd taste on a banana...?! Not only was this stuff super yummy, but it was also pretty easy to make. Coat some almonds in a little maple syrup, bake them in the oven for oh about 10 minutes, then grind for hm maybe 5-7 minutes.

Maple almond butter > Peanut butter? Yes, definitely better. The recipe come's from Ashley's blog. Oh wait, now that I just looked at the recipe again it seems I forgot the cinnamon! Oh well, next time. I guess I forgot because the recipe is so simple! A cup of nuts, a tablespoon of maple syrup...

Oh, you know what I just realized? I actually tried almond butter before. Whole foods has those nut grinding stations where you can sample the different kinds. Anyways, I tried the almond butter there but it didn't taste very good. The outer husks of the almonds were still visible, and the butter had a gritty taste (totally unlike this recipe! -just make sure to pulse long enough!)

Maple Almond Butter
1 cup almonds
2 Tablespoon maple syrup (only real stuff please!)

1. Preheat oven to 325˚F
2. In a bowl combine almonds and syrup
3. Spread on parchment paper and bake for 10 minutes, stirring halfway
4. Once finished, pulse nuts in a food processor until cream (it took me about 5-7 minutes)
* Ashley has some great tips about making creamy and perfect nut butters

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  1. Aw I want a food processor so so bad! This looks really good!


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