Wednesday, October 27, 2010


How embarrassing...for the last like, I don't know, all my years of my life, I thought the word "doughnut" was spelled, donut. Oops, I guess I've seen the Dunkin' Donut sign too many times....But anyways, I bet you guys are wondering why I'm talking about my horrendous spelling skills, right? Well, this month I completed my first daring baker challenge! It was held by Lori over at butter me up, and this month's challenge was to make...doughnuts! (yes! I spelled doughnut right! LOL)

So doughnuts aren't actually my favorite food. I know, strange yea? It's just that they're fried! In oil! Yuck! I guess super yummy doughnuts don't taste fried, but I guess I just couldn't do it 'cause I ended up baking them! I guess they do look kind of plain, but dip them in a chocolate glaze or roll 'em in some butter and cinnamon sugar, and then ta dah, you have an amazing, and uh sorta healthy breakfast!


  1. Actually, it can be spelled both ways! Doughnuts and donuts is both correct! So you have been spelling it correct all this time (;

    And I agree. I don't really like fried doughnuts, but I love baked ones. I hope you enjoyed this challenge!

  2. Donut isn't a correct spelling!?!?!?! We don't have dunkin donuts here, but we have 'donut king' =S *sigh* I thought both ways were right.....ehehe

    Congrats on your first daring bakers challenge!! I love doughnuts but I don't like the idea of them being fried.....
    I'll have to try baked donuts one day though! Your donuts looks great!

  3. Don't feel bad--I would have spelled it that way too! Yours look delicious!

  4. Jeannie: REALLY! OMG you just made me feel a lot better!

    Von: Haha, I guess it is!

    A spicy perspective: haha, maybe...thanks!


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