Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tanka Bars and Bites Reviewed!

I'm not sure if you guys noticed the new little widget on the side, but I recently joined the foodie blogroll. It's this great site with tons and tons of food blogs, (duh) and great giveaways. I was lucky enough to win one of the giveaways! And for what you ask? Tanka bars, sticks, and bites!
According to their website, Tanka was founded back in 2005 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Owners Karlene Hunter and Mark Tilsen imagine a world filled with healthy foods that add to the restoration and preservation of our lands and ecosystem -- a world without the pain of starvation or obesity. The world they imagine embraces the lifestyle that Native American people lived just over a century ago.

"Tanka" is used in reference to delivering your best with all your heart, mind, body and spirit. It is the choices that you make and the actions that you take to be who you are. Whether you're Native, white, black, yellow or brown, it is your ability to overcome, to extend a helping hand for those in need, to defeat racism, to protect our Mother Earth, and to love all others on our planet.
It is your ability to acknowledge "Mitakuye Oyasin" -- we are all related.

So how did these babies taste? Well first I have to give a little story. So I was actually at REI when I first saw these bars in real life. I'm not sure if this is normal, but when I go to outdoors-y stores I head straight to the bar/food section. I'm not sure what's so attractive about those sections, but they definitely taste good! So basically I saw these bars there, and I was like OMG, I just entered a giveaway for those bars. And then like when I checked my email, it said I won the bars! I was like "Woah!". Yup, that's my story. Sorry if it was too boring for you. Okay so moving on to how they tasted...

Well as you can see I received bars, bites, and sticks. They came in two different types hot vs the not hold. They are all very similar, just in different forms. (Disclaimer:I don't eat meat that often (I'm like a semi vegetarian?), and so these reviews are based off my family, (they love meat!)

The sticks are new, and my brother wasn't too thrilled with the idea of rice inside of the sticks. He said the meat and cranberry flavor were pretty good, but when I asked him about it later he was like, "uh, I don't really remember. It had rice in it." Yea, that's the response you get from a teenage boy. But the rice he was talking about is Minnesota Wild Rice (Such a strange coincidence considering this month is national rice month and all.). I actually heard the combination of wild rice and meat is better for you than just meat or rice by itself. Neat, huh? These sticks are great for those on the run, like super healthy meat/rice sticks! I would totally recommend them if you're going on any camping/hiking/outdoors-y adventure. The bites and bars are made from tart-sweet cranberries and prairie-raised buffalo. Conveniently packaged, and great for an afternoon pick me up!
My dad's favorite were the bars and bites. He said, "those are the best meat things. Ever." Seriously, those were his exact words. He's going to be at REI, and he's like, "They're kinda expensive, but they were really really good!" So yea, even though we have some, he's going to go and buy more. He said they were that good. He described them as "wild", I'm serious, they taste "wild"! And he said they aren't oily, and very different from the normal dried meat products, as in super duper awesomely superb! Totally recommend trying them, especially the Tanka Bars!

Overall, these were very much liked by my family. They all agreed that the bars were the best, closely followed by the bites, and last but not least was the sticks.

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